Our Assortment

We at SOMELIO are connoisseurs and treasure hunters. That is why we were overjoyed when we met Thomas Steinhart by chance a few years ago. He and his team form the Steinhart Distillery in Canada. As master distiller, Thomas Steinhart, who emigrated in his early youth from the beautiful Black Forest in Germany to the big wide world, is the mastermind behind all Steinhart spirits. In addition to his consequently highest quality standards, Thomas Steinhart must be characterized above all by his passion, by his will to experimenting with products and by always trying to go beyond boundaries to create the outstanding and special. 

The Steinhart-team regularly succeeds in this, with unique craftsmanship and extraordinary distilling-expertise: until today, Thomas Steinhart is the only non-Brit to be officially inducted with honors into the "Gin Guild London". This is a huge recognition for him and his team and at the same time only one of countless honors and awards that Thomas Steinhart and his distillery and products have received in recent years. It is no exaggeration to say that what comes from Thomas Steinhart has no equal anywhere in the world. In North America and Asia, his products are known, appreciated, extremely sought after and met with great enthusiasm. Which also accounts for us at SOMELIO.

It is no secret that the products of the Steinhart Distillery were the initial spark for the foundation of SOMELIO. Today, we are Thomas Steinhart's exclusive distributor in Europe and Germany - and good friends. His entire product range is available exclusively through us. And we are happy to being able to share these unique masterpieces with you. 

To date, we have found no other manufacturer in the world who produces such exquisite, special and high-quality products as Thomas Steinhart and his team. That is the reason why you will find in our assortment at the moment exclusively products from the Steinhart Distillery. Maybe that will change one day when we come across another equally unique treasure for you. Until then, we are more than happy to offer you this exquisite selection of Thomas Steinhart's genius. The best of the best, so to speak. Which is exactly what SOMELIO stand for.

Premium. Quality. Taste.