Rhubarb Gin (500ml) - Rhubarb Spirituous Liquor


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A rhubarb gin? Those who may be puzzled at a first glance will quickly realise from the first sip onwards, that Thomas Steinhart has achieved one of his greatest masterpieces with this Steinhart Rhubarb Gin. Based on the Steinhart Handcrafted London Dry Gin, this Compound or New Western Gin of the absolute premium class conjures up a fresh, fruity, summery taste explosion on the tongue and palate, that we cannot describe as anything other than uniquely engaging and embracing. A very slight hint of cinnamon in the bouquet and the shimmering orange-pink colour perfectly round off the overall experience.

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"I wanted to create the perfect gin for Ladies" - that's how Thomas Steinhart introduced us to this New Western Gin with a smile on his face. What can we say? It tastes insanely good to us, completely independent of gender. Slight sweetness, penetrating effervescence and gentle rhubarb aromas, all dancing virtuously around the distinctive, gin-typical juniper note, turn every single sip into a little summer journey. To crown it all, a hint of cinnamon tickles the palate. There is probably no other gin in the world currently, that is more relaxed and fresh, especially in a Gin Tonic with a light and dry tonic, for example the Refreshingly Light Indian Tonic from Fever-Tree.

Please note that this product is a Compound or New Western Gin, not a classic London Dry Gin. As EU law does not yet officially list Compound and New Western Gins as Gins, this product is officially sold in Europe as Rhubarb Spiritouse until the law is amended.

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Alcohol content
47.5 Vol %
Bottle size
500 ml
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